Target Sectors

Halifax County, Virginia is forwarding its legacy capabilities in the manufacturing of advanced products. Our workforce is trained and working in the precision machining critical to the production of electrical components, blow-molded plastics, shaped composite materials and high performance automobiles. Through targeted workforce training and expansion of our advanced manufacturing clients, Halifax is able to effectively start up and support new and expanding companies who supply the Auto, Marine and Aerospace industries.


Halifax, Virginia is Bio Centered and Data Driven. It is located in the center of a ring of Biotech manufacturers and research institutions and super-computing power. Halifax also is headquarters to Mid-Atlantic Broadband, one of the fastest and most robust fiber optic systems in the U.S. Together these attributes provides the infrastructure and workforce required for data storage, computational bioinformatics, Genomics, Proteomics, Medical Research, and Medical-Device Manufacturing.


Our agricultural heritage is strong. The Halifax Industrial Development authority is engaged in Research and Development projects that will lead to increased, targeted cultivation of crops and the standing up the Processing of Value Added Products derived from them. We coordinate closely with our agricultural community to mesh best use of their resources with the needs of our current and prospect Ag-Industry clients.


Wood for production of finished materials. Wood for production of energy. Wood for research and development of new products. Halifax is doing all of these with wood. Our positioning in the northern section of the southern wood forests wood basket and southern end of northern markets has allowed our Wood Products Industry to grow and thrive.